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Brighton & Hove is a vibrant city. It is culturally, economically and socially diverse. We value this diversity and aim to support and encourage it. We also take a leading role in seeking to increase equality, inclusion and fairness in the city.

`Increasing equality` is a central principle informing how we plan, finance, deliver, commission and review our services.

We know that some people and places face disadvantage in our city. Some of these groups are protected in law, others are not.

The law protects people from discrimination because of their characteristics. Find out more about the Equality Act and protected characteristics.

Race equality in employment in Brighton & Hove City Council

In 2013 we asked independent experts Global HPO to examine our policies and processes and how they affected our Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff. Their report recognised that the council has had some significant achievements and initiatives in equality. The report also challenged us to do more to meet the standards that our staff and customers expect.

Download the Global HPO report on Race equality in the council (PDF 1.1MB).

We developed a series of actions from their recommendations.

We've completed many of the recommended actions including:

  • improving our management information
  • making sure that we have shared values and behaviours across the organisation
  • reviewing all of our staff training

Work on other actions is still in progress. A group of Human Resources and equality staff, trades unions representatives and staff from the council’s workers’ forums oversee this work and ensure progress.

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