Panel summary


Brighton & Hove City Council is looking to create a strategy for Gypsies and Travellers which is forward thinking and inclusive. We hope to pioneer new ways of addressing their needs while remaining sensitive to their traditional lifestyle. As well as this, we aim to provide basic services such as education and health, and foster good relationships with local Traveller and Gypsy communities.

Unauthorised encampment is an issue the council is often concerned with as it is unwelcome and costly. Our recommendations recognise that the creation of a permanent site, managed by the council, is key to reducing tensions and could help facilitate mutual understanding. Evidence shows solving the issue of accommodation can significantly curb economic costs. Also, when Gypsies and Travellers are in authorised sites returns are generated in rent, council tax and utility bills.

The recommendations were supported by evidence gathered from 31 expert witnesses as well as written evidence.


Panel members


  • Dr. Aidan McGarry (Chair)
  • Councillor Leo Littman
  • Councillor Alan Robins
  • Councillor Dee Simson


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