Panel Summary


A scrutiny panel was set up to develop a local response to the first National Autism Strategy, which was published in March 2010. The panel looked at local services that are currently provided for adults with Autistic Spectrum Conditions including the transition from childrens' to adult services. 

The panel was advised by Professor Jeremy Turk, one of the country's leading experts in Autistic Spectrum Conditions. They heard from service users, parents and carers of people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions about their experiences of services and from service providers, third sector organisations, health and criminal justice colleagues.

The National Autism Strategy aims to increase awareness and understanding of autistic spectrum conditions, deliver more effective training for health and social care professionals, and improve diagnosis, access to services and support. It also looks at how councils, the NHS and the voluntary sector groups should work together to develop appropriate services for adults with ASC.


Panel Members


  • Councillor Steve Harmer-Strange (Chair)
  • Councillor Anne Meadows
  • Councillor Alex Phillips
  • Councillor David Watkins


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