Scrutiny panel summary (completed 2013)

Publicly accessible toilet provision isn’t the most glamorous topic, but it's an issue of great importance to a wide range of people in our communities. As well as enabling residents to live full and active lives when out and about in the city, easy access to decent public toilets also benefits visitors and supports our local economy.

Brighton & Hove currently enjoys high rates of quality and provision of publicly accessible toilets compared to other places, thanks in no small part to the work of the dedicated officers who manage this award-winning service. However, in the context of ongoing reductions to local authority budgets, public toilets are especially vulnerable: while councils have the power to provide public toilets, there is no statutory duty to do so.

 This panel was established in response to concerns raised by councillors regarding maintaining the provision of publicly accessible toilets at a time when budgets are coming under increasingly severe financial pressure.

 Scrutiny panel members

  • Councillor Amy Kennedy (Chair)
  • Councillor Alan Robins
  • Councillor Denise Cobb
  • John Eyles (Co-optee, Older Peoples Council)

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