How to get involved in council decisions - make your voice heard


Consultations enable you to have your say about how we work and what we plan to do. Consultation makes our policies, strategies and services more effective by helping them to reflect your views.


Petitions are a call to action from a group of people in the city to the council. You can view and sign petitions currently collecting signatures or start your own petition.

Speak to your local councillor

Your councillor is there to represent you when council decisions are being made. You can ring or email your councillor and many councillors hold ward surgeries. Ward surgeries are drop-in sessions which you can attend without an appointment.

Attending or speaking at a council meeting

Council meetings are held in public and you are always welcome to come along. Most meetings have time at the start reserved for people in the city to come along and speak.

Voting and elections 

Whatever your political views, it’s important that you register to vote and then exercise your right to vote at all elections. There's information on how to become a councillor in the local elections section of our website.