Panel summary

Bullying takes different shapes and forms, including physical and verbal assault; there is now a depressing increase in the incidents of cyber-bullying and trolling. Whatever shape it takes, it can have a hugely negative impact on the victim which can last for years. It is everyone’s social duty to address negative behaviour and the reasons behind bullying where we can. The panel heard that when it comes to dealing with bullying within the education system, each school is responsible for its own anti-bullying policy – the council is not in a position to dictate what the school should do. However the panel was pleased to note that the council hosts the Anti-Bullying & Equalities Strategy Group which brings local schools together to discuss and develop best practice and hopes that this continues into the future as a key mechanism in sharing knowledge and lessons learnt.

It was clear there is a lot of good practice going on in individual schools in the city, including taking collective responsibility, involving students in developing the work and ensuring that there is a shared anti-bullying ethos throughout the school. It is never too early to begin learning that there is no place for bullying in our schools. As ever, there is still more that can needs to be done, in particular with regard to cyber-bullying and in tackling bullying for protected groups.

Panel members

  • Councillor Ruth Buckley (Chair)
  • Councillor Vanessa Brown
  • Councillor Penny Gilbey
  • Professor Robin Banerjee
  • Sam Watling, Youth Council

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