The council's Corporate Asset Management Plan (AMP) is a strategic overview of our properties.

The AMP explains

  • how our we assess the condition and fitness for purpose of the council's properties
  • how these link to service delivery and achieving value for money across the whole council
  • the systems, processes and policies we use to manage and maintain our properties

Housing, highways and schools have separate asset management plans.

Corporate property strategy and asset management plan (AMP)

Download the asset management plan for 2014-2018

Building Maintenance Strategy (BMS)

The Building Maintenance Strategy sets out how the council plans to address the levels of required maintenance identified through the AMP. It provides a strategic framework around which we identify, prioritise, plan, manage and procure the necessary planned works for council maintained non-housing properties.

Download the current BMS below

Property Performance Indicator Results

Our latest core property data and Property Performance Indicator report (Appendix B to the AMP) is available to download below.

The Asset Management Team would welcome feedback on the content of the AMP to