Cost of our services for 2018/19

The council has a gross revenue expenditure budget of £756 million in 2018/19.

How much is the council spending in 2018/19?

Around half of our budget is restricted by law to spending on:

  • schools
  • housing benefit
  • council housing
  • public health

This is called ring fenced funding. In 2018/19 £330 million is funded by government grants ring fenced for schools, housing benefit and public health. £52 million comes from housing rents, including housing benefit rent rebates, and is ring fenced for council housing.


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Where do we get our money from?

£382 million of our budget comes from ring fenced funding for public health, schools, housing benefit and council housing.

Only 18.5% of our budget is funded from Council Tax. For 2018/19 Full Council agreed an increase of 5.99% in the Brighton & Hove City Council element of Council Tax. This includes an additional 3% precept to fund the increasing demands and cost of adult social care.

Council Tax, including one-off resources, raises £12 million in 2018/19. However, even with this increase, our overall gross spending will be £1 million less than last year.

Other sources of income include:

  • £127 million from fees, charges and rents
  • £60 million from Business Rates
  • £46 million from other government grants

Many major developments and transport schemes are paid for from sources other than the budget and cannot be used for council services.


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All the information above is available to download in our 2018/19 budget summary (PDF 262KB) 

Information given in the graphics on this page is available to download as text. Download the data from the graphics (PDF 60KB)

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