Timber and wood derived products


Brighton & Hove City Council has a responsibility to ensure that the procurement of timber and wood products positively supports responsible forest management.

The council has joined the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) ‘What would you choose’ campaign and is committed to improving the sustainability of its wood and timber purchases. Gold Panda Logo 2013

The council has made the Gold pledge which means that we will only buy recycled, certified or sustainable and legal timber products across all our services, and we will set up a monitoring system to ensure the forest products we procure meet the requirements of our policy.

To ensure that the council delivers these commitments, we have created a Sustainable Timber Procurement Policy (PDF 166.84KB) and the WWF will be auditing the council’s performance against the policy.

The following Minimum Buying Standards give clear and simple guidance on what products should be bought or supplied.

Minimum buying standards for timber and wood derived products

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