Steps to Environmental Management (STEM)

Brighton & Hove City Council encourages its suppliers to reduce impacts throughout their supply chains. Potential suppliers are asked whether they have an Environmental Management System (EMS) in the Selection Questionnaire (SQ).

The council recognises that not all businesses are in a position to invest time and money in an externally certified EMS such as ISO 14001.

Steps to Environmental Management Scheme (STEM) is a scheme that helps businesses to improve their environmental performance through a series of assessments and certificates (blue, silver and gold).

This scheme is free and open to members of the Low Carbon Kent business network. You can join the network if you aren't already a member.

Benefits to your business

The scheme can:

  • Enhance your green credentials
  • Help you achieve nationally recognised accreditations such as Carbon Trust Standard, BS 8555 and ISO 14001
  • Help you to comply with the law
  • Save your business money by removing inefficiencies.

How to join STEM

If you would like more infomation: