Our values

With support from the organisation and from their managers, all council officers are expected to give their personal best for our customers, citizens and for the city. To ensure that everyone is able to understand what this means, our employees created and agreed six organisational values. Our values describe the qualities every officer is expected to demonstrate when carrying out their job.

Our values

Our values shape the way council officers review their own conduct and the performance of others. Each member of staff has a Performance and Development Plan which sets out their current work objectives so that they, their manager and the organisation are clear on what they are being asked to achieve and that they have the relevant training and support not only to do this, but also to develop as people and professionals. We believe strongly in a motivated workforce that feels ownership for their individual roles and wider aims of the organisation.

There are four key areas of responsibility used in individual performance development plans, that work objectives are based on:

Accountability: What you are accountable for and/or who you are answerable to?

Delivery: What do you have to do or achieve?

Personal Impact: How does your behaviour impact on others?

Working Together: Who do you need to work with e.g. colleagues, customers and external partners?

Organisational change

Our values were formally introduced to the organisation in 2013-14 and are now recognised and are being embedded. In order to respond to our increasing financial challenges and ensure we continue to deliver our best for the city and its citizens, the council is embarking on a cultural change and performance improvement programme.

Based on our values, the programme is called Living our values, everyday. This will focus on how the council will achieve its ambition to become a high performing organisation, building on feedback and learning from recent activities such as the People Strategy, Investors in People accreditation and the Staff Survey.

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