Audible alarms

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Noise caused by frequently or continuously sounding burglar alarms and car alarms is a common cause for complaint.  People who have an alarm system on their property or car have a responsibility to ensure the device is maintained and does not cause nuisance to neighbours.  Where a noise nuisance is established by a council officer steps will be taken to contact the person responsible. If the alarm is not silenced council officers can disarm the external sounding alarm on the premises or break into the vehicle to disable the alarm, or in certain instances tow the vehicle away. The charge for the time spent and services of a contractor which can be up to £500, is passed on to the owner/occupier of the premises or registered keeper of the vehicle. 

When reporting an alarm please have the exact address of the property or the details of the location, make, model, colour and registration number of the vehicle. 

Premises alarms

Alarms and keyholders should be registered with the council.  To register your premises (business or domestic) please print and complete an alarm registration form.   In addition Peace for a Pound is a company that will hold keyholder information and look after your premises when you are away.  To find out more information or to join the scheme telephone 0906 214 0400 or visit their website at

Vehicle alarms

The Registered Keeper of a vehicle must ensure that the alarm has a five minute cut-out device and that the alarm is set to minimise 'false alarms'.  An alarm will have to be deactivated by the council if it is causing a noise nuisance.  Any vehicle which cannot be secured will be towed away.  Full costs will be recovered from the registered keeper. 

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