Drinking in public

Designated Public Places Order in Brighton & Hove

Street sign


The sign states that:

This is a designated public place where alcohol restrictions apply

Brighton & Hove is an area designated under s13 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 as a ‘Designated Public Place’ area.

If you are asked to stop drinking or hand over any container by a Police Officer (or other designated person under s14 & 42 of the Police Reform Act 2002) and:

  • continue to drink alcohol, and/or
  • fail to surrender any container sealed or open believed to contain alcohol

You are liable to arrest and liable on conviction to a maximum fine of £500

This does not apply while alcohol is being sold or supplied under licence and for 30 minutes after the end of the licence period.


This order is not intended to be used to remove alcohol from those having a picnic in the park or a quiet drink on the beach. The intention is to ensure that the city is a safer more pleasant place for visitors and local residents and not to prevent law abiding people from enjoying themselves.