What documents do I need to produce?

When applying for naturalisation, you will need to provide:

  1. Confirmation of your residence in the United Kingdom.
  2. Passport (including expired passport) or travel document. Only original passports or travel documents will be accepted for checking and they must cover the five or three year qualifying period. Please do not bring your own copies as the checking service team need to take copies of your original documents. If you do not have a passport or travel document you will need to supply alternative evidence of residency and identification such as:
  • salary slips
  • tax forms
  • P60 form
  • tax assessment forms (self employed)
  • benefits details (unemployed)

These must cover the five* or three year residency requirement. You should produce original copies of these documents (if applicable).
Please do not bring your own copies of documents as the checking service team must see your original documents and will then take copies.

*Please note. If you are from the European union and exercise Treaty Rights, you will need to evidence six years, not five.

Confirmation or your settled status in the United Kingdom
This will be the stamp inside the passport or the Biometric residence permit, which gave you indefinite leave to remain in the UK or the right of abode here.
If you applying for citizenship based on the five years residence requirement, you must have been settled for at least one year immediately prior to your application.

Knowledge of Language and Life in the United Kingdom
If you applying for naturalisation you will need to prove knowledge of life in the UK as well as your English language ability, and provide documented evidence of this with your application. For more information log onto www.lifeintheuktest.gov.uk

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