What is wraparound childcare?

By ‘wraparound childcare’ we mean before school childcare (for example, breakfast clubs), after school childcare (for example, regular provision that runs until 6pm or later). By ‘holiday childcare’ we mean childcare that is available through schools during the school holidays.


Guidance issued in September 2016 gave parents and childcare providers the right to request the use school facilities for wraparound and/or holiday provision at times when the school is not using them. The guidance is in a document published by the department for education.  Find it here www.gov.uk/government/publications/wraparound-and-holiday-childcare-responding-to-requests

Osted has produced a guidance document for schools called ‘registering school based provision’ which gives advice and requirements for schools setting up their own wraparound childcare: www.gov.uk/government/publications/factsheet-childcare-registering-school-based-provision

Who can provide it?

Schools and local childcare providers can provide wraparound and/or holiday care independently or by joining forces and working together. 

Local childcare providers in the city

For an up to date list of current registered providers in your area visit the Brighton and Hove Family Information Service (FIS) directory: www.familyinfobrighton.org.uk/kb5/brighton/fsd/home.page 

Local contact 

For further advise you can contact the Out Of School Development Officer on 01273 293523 or email annette.barnard@brighton-hove.gov.uk