Any Age Apprentices 

Meet Hazel, who is a shining example that you can be an apprentice at any age. Hazel is 62 years young, has worked all her career with children of all ages but has never gained a qualification.

  Child paint in front of a teacher

When you applied for the job were you aware what an apprenticeship was? “Not really, I knew that the job was to assist in supporting children with their care and learning in a nursery, but I did not know it would give me training, support, mentoring and the opportunity to gain a qualification. I wasn’t aware that I would even be eligible to train and gain a qualification”

Are you enjoying your training? “I have always disliked Maths which probably goes back to when I was at school where I didn’t enjoy it or like the teacher but since starting my apprenticeship, it has opened my eyes to new thinking and I now think it’s great! “I am looking forward to what else my Apprenticeship training will teach me. Who would have thought I would be doing this at my age, but I LOVE IT!”

 What support are you receiving? “I am being mentored by a college assessor but learning most from my Mangers and colleagues who are very supportive”

What is the best part of your job? “being with the children, watching as they play, listening to them as they interact and joining in with their play to support learning – every day is different”

What will you do once you have completed your training? “I see this as a grounding and will use it as a stepping stone to hopefully be promoted. I want to progress my career in early years, this is definitely what I want to do”                

Nursery Owner comments: “She is brilliant and the children think she is great. We are so glad we chose Hazel for this role and feel very lucky to have her working with us. Hazel is an asset to our team and we hope to get many more people like her working with us”

What is an apprentice:

Apprentices can be anyone aged over 16 years old.  There is no upper age limit, although Government grants are limited to 16-24 year olds. Apprentices are supported with training from local organisations, and are available at intermediate, advanced and higher (degree) level.  An intermediate apprentice will typically work under the supervision of a nursery or pre-school leader, where as an advanced level apprentice may work more independently.

  • works alongside experienced staff
  • gains job-specific skills
  • earns a wage
  • studies - usually 1 day a week - towards a related qualification

Apprentices are supported by both their employers and a training organisation to succeed in their role.  They are paid at least the minimum wage and the Government recently announced national insurance contributions will not be payable by employers of apprentices from April 2016.

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