Youth Participation Team

At the Youth Participation Team, it is our job to ensure the voice of young people in care or involved with social services is heard. We ensure they know their rights and the choices available to them.

What services the Youth Participation Team offer:


The Youth Participation Team runs two accreditation schemes:

  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme
  • Youth Arts Award

Independent Visitors

Independent Visitors are volunteers who befriend and support children in care. They are specially selected and trained so that they are safe and appropriate for young people. They make a commitment for two years minimum and will visit you about once every two weeks and take you on outings and do activities with you

Youth Voice

Creating opportunities for all young people to be involved in influencing, shaping, designing and contributing to policy and the development of services and programmes for young people. Programs include:

  • Children in Care Council 

Care experienced young people coming together socially every month to improve services and have fun

  • The ARC Program

Training and accreditation to help assess children’s residential homes where young people live

  • Young Ambassadors

Training and accrediting young people to sit on recruitment panels and interview new staff for FCL

  • Youth Council

Young people talking about national and local issues affecting young people and feeding their views into council boards

What is an advocate?

An advocate is not part of social services. Think of us like a megaphone; we don’t change what you say we just make your voice louder and we work for you and no one else.

We work with children and young people who:

  • Are aged 5-21 and in care or a care leaver
  • Have a disability and is receiving shared care
  • Are young parents under 18
  • Are young unaccompanied asylum seekers
  • Are going to a family group conference or child protection conference

You can find out more about us on the Youth Advocacy Website. [Speak out, Be heard, Know your rights]

Contact us

If you are a young person who needs support please call us on

You can find out more about us online on the Youth Advocacy Website.