Support and activities for young people

Youth Service

The youth service is changing. Our services are being restructured and some of our activities will stop altogether.

The council has to save around £68 million over the next four years, because of changes the government has made to the amount of money it gives us. Our children’s services have to save about £5 million from April 2016.

We've reduced what we spend on youth services by around £400,000. This is about 25% of what we spent in the 2015/16 financial year. This means we're having to make some big changes to the service.

Find out about the budget proposals for 2017/18 and how they could affect youth services on our behind the budget web page. We'll also keep you updated through our Brighton & Hove Youth facebook page 

Support for young people

Visit our Support for young people web page to find services and groups in Brighton & Hove that offer help and support to teenagers and young adults

Brighton & Hove Youth Service

Our work is targeted according to our priorities. We provide 

  • A city centre, street based Youth Work team able to deliver interventions, one-to-one and group work - responding to the needs of young people
  • Specialist support for young people around teenage pregnancy, sexual health and substance misuse. We deliver one-to-one and group work to young people in both youth and community settings.
  • An integrated Youth Participation and Advocacy team, supporting young people's voice vehicles and young people in social care to have independent rights and support information. This includes the Brighton and Hove Youth Council.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award programme - targeting vulnerable groups, including young people with special educational needs (SEN).
  • Outdoor Education Adviser - providing support and guidance to schools and youth groups on adventurous and off-site activities.

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