Catchment areas

We're looking at catchment areas in the city. Any proposed changes to catchment areas won't affect secondary school admissions for children starting Year 7 in September 2018.

Find about new proposals for secondary school catchment areas for September 2019.

We cannot guarantee that you will be offered a place at your catchment area school/s, even if you express a preference for the school or schools.

Catchment areas

Living in a catchment area gives applicants a higher priority for admission to a school over applicants who live outside a catchment area. However, there is no guarantee of a place for applicants living within a catchment area or for applicants who subsequently move in at a later date.

If you live in a catchment area for two schools and you only list one of your catchment area schools on your application, you will only be entered into the random allocation process for that school. 

However, if you cannot be offered a place there or at one of your other preferences, you will not be entered into the random allocation process for the other school in your catchment area. 

This means that you may be offered a school you are less happy with which is further from your home.

Parents and carers can apply for any of the schools in Brighton & Hove, regardless of whether they live in the catchment area. However, please bear in mind that children who live within the catchment area will have priority over children who live outside it.

Catchment areas are also used to decide priority in the reallocation pool (which is how we allocate places which become vacant later in the process). Children are prioritised in the reallocation pool based on the council's admission priorities.

Children who live on boats / traveller children

  • If you and your child live on a boat or a traveller site, you will be treated as a resident of the catchment area within which the marina or site is situated.
  • Brighton Marina falls within the catchment area for Longhill School.
  • If you are unsure which catchment area applies to your site please contact the school admissions team.

Twins / multiple births (or siblings within the same year group applying for the same school)

  • No special priority is given for the admission of these children.
  • If it is possible to offer a place at the preferred school to one child and not the other, both (or all) children will be offered a place.
  • Please indicate clearly on each child's application if they have a twin or other same year sibling also applying.

Home addresses

  • The school admissions team will allocate school places using the address at which a child lives on the closing date for applications (31 October 2017), although late changes of address will be considered if we receive proof of address by 22 January 2018.
  • If a child regularly lives at more than one address the team will have to make a decision about which should be the main address for admissions purposes.
  • The main address is normally taken to be the address to which child benefit is paid and where the child is registered with a doctor. However, the team may ask for other proofs of a child’s address.

Please note: It is an offence to give a false address. If we offer your child a school place based on information which then turns out to be false or misleading, we reserve the right to withdraw the offer and your application will then be reconsidered based on the correct facts. This may apply even if your child has started at the school offered.