Support for chairs of governors

Chairing Matters 2017/18

Our new 'Chairing Matters' programme offers chairs and vice chairs the opportunity to attend regular development sessions throughout the year.  This year's sessions include:

  • Introduction to being a chair / vice chair
  • Chairs' and vice chairs' forum
  • Developing your governing body
  • Working with your headteacher

For further details and to book on a session, please go to BEEM > Training & Events > Provider > Governor Support > Search

Leadership development programme for chairs and aspiring chairs

Brighton & Hove Governor Support team is a partner in the licenced provision of this programme, which has been developed by the National College for Teaching and Leadership. It is open to all chairs, vice chairs and those aspiring to take on this role in the future. The aim is to develop leadership skills through facilitated workshops, online activities, personal reflection and school based learning. The next cohort will be starting in the spring term 2018.  For more information please contact the Governor Support Team on 01273 293466.

Clerk recruitment and development

As the clerk's line manager, chairs of governors should co-ordinate the recruitment process for a new clerk to governors. In September 2012, the senior clerk role was introduced in Brighton & Hove and they are now employed in over half of our schools. We recommend you contact the Governor Support Team in the first instance on 01273 293465, who will advise on process and be able to promote the vacancy amongst other clerks.

Chairs should be carrying out regular reviews with clerks to ensure they are carrying out all the tasks on their job description, giving opportunities for development where appropriate. Performance management guidance for clerks was introduced in February 2014. Please contact the Governor Support Team on 01273 293465 for further details.

We run an extensive programme of professional development for clerks.  This includes the NCTL's Clerks' Development Programme, Clerks' Accreditation Programme, Clerks' Conference, Clerks' Forums and Minute Taking for Clerks.  We also encourage clerks to keep updated with school governance developments by attended other courses on our governor training programme where possible.

Headteacher recruitment

Any chairs that need advice in this area should contact the Governor Support Team on 01273 293465.