School meals

Free school meals

Did you know that you don't have to pay for a school meal for your child if they're in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2? The current cost of a school meal in primary schools is £2.20. 

​​School meal menus - until July 2018

Autograph Education are contracted to provide menus until July 2018. From September 2018, a new contractor will provide menus. More information about the new meals will be provided before the start of the academic year.

Autograph Education are contracted to provide menus with either two or three choices and a balanced choice packed lunch menu where requested. Find out which menu your school uses from the school office.

Brackenbury Primary School now receives the three choice menu detailed above.

Secondary schools manage their own meal contracts. For more information, please contact your school.

My child has an allergy or intolerance

If your child has an allergy or intolerance, we will be able to provide a safe and special diet plan for them. More information about this will be provided before the start of the academic year.

Nutritional standards

Silver Food For Life. This ensures that children are provided with a healthy balanced meal. We work with our contractors, Autograph Education, to create the menus which include:food standards silver award

  • a variety of red meat and poultry dishes all to the red tractor standard
  • sustainable fish including omega-3 rich oily fish
  • local free range eggs
  • balanced vegetarian dishes
  • rice
  • pasta
  • a wide choice of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad
  • fresh bread, cooked on site daily.

Peas Please Pledge – Food Foundation

A new initiative led by the Food Foundation is urging the foodservice industry and supply chain to pledge actions that will lead to increased vegetable consumption in the UK.

Brighton & Hove City Council School Meals Service in partnership with our catering provider, Autograph Education Catering, is proud to be leading the way in the city and have made a pledge to support increased vegetable consumption amongst our pupils – see our pledge here (under the “eating out” section).

Further information

Many parents have asked for further support and information to help them make an informed decision around school meals. The Little Book of Goodness written by the School Food Trust is designed to address these concerns.

Autograph Education (formerly known as Eden Foodservice)

The Corporate School Meals Contract is provided by Autograph Education (part of the Interserve Group and formerly known as Eden Foodservice) until July 2018. The contract is administered by our School Meals Team. Any schools that have opted out of this contract, as well as PFI schools, will have their own arrangements. Find out more about Autograph.

Contact us

If there are any queries regarding school meals, please email or call the following numbers:

  • for comments, complaints, compliments and contractual issues, please contact the School Meals Manager on 01273 293590.
  • to enquire about a job then please contact Autograph Education you can call them on 01273 415862.

Useful links

A small selection of local and national organisations useful to school meals.