Resources for school governors and clerks

Governance Handbook

The Department for Education's Governance Handbook (updated April 2017) outlines the core role and functions of governing boards in maintained schools and academies.  It also summarises and provides a first point of reference on all the legal duties on governing boards, signposting to more detailed information, guidance and resources.

Schools' Bulletin

This is the main source of communication between the local authority and schools.  Governors should check the Schools' Bulletin every Monday for any new information from the School and Governance Development Team and other services.  A login is required, which governors are sent once they are set up with a school email address.  Please contact your clerk if you need help to access this.

National websites

Clerk to governors

Your clerk to governors is responsible for acting as the main adviser to the governing board, and we have a number of additional resources and guidance documents to support them on BEEM (login required).