The Personal Education Plan (PEP) is a statutory part of the care planning process, which takes place termly for children in care. It's a key meeting between carers, parents, social worker and the school.

It's strongly advised to also use this for children who have previously been in care.

Please view the ePEP Process Flowchart (PDF 136KB) to see the updated PEP process.

ePEP for 2019/20

As of September 2019, the Virtual School will use an electronic Personal Education Plan (ePEP), for children in care in Reception through to Year 13. The PEP will no longer be a handwritten document, it will be viewed and typed electronically, into an online template within a secure web-based platform.

We will give each person that needs access to the PEP a username and password. This will allow them to view, edit and authorise the electronic PEP as appropriate.

This process allows for higher security and greater efficiency, and is now used by 80% of local authorities across the country. The platform will be run by Welfare Call, who currently collate our attendance data for us.

The core training for the ePEP took place in July 2019, and we would like to thank all those that attended a session. For any colleagues or teachers that haven't attended the training, please contact the Virtual School to let us know if you need support.

If you haven't received your login and password by the end of September 2019, please email to confirm your email address.

To access your ePEP account, please go to the Welfare Call Extranet and ePEP website, and enter the login and password you've been given by Welfare Call. Please note, for the link to work properly it's best to use Google Chrome.

You can download a training guide and one page summary/FAQ sheet to help get you started with the ePEP:

Early Years and Previously in Care PEPs will remain as paper versions:

For more information please contact the Virtual School for Children in Care.