Home education

You can educate your child at home.  As a parent/carer it is your responsibility to make arrangements for the education of your child either at school or "otherwise".  Education "otherwise" includes being taught at home by a parent or private tutor.

You must provide an education that is efficient, full-time and suitable for your child's age , skills and capability, taking into account any special needs that your child may have.

If you decide to educate your child at home we will suggest an informal meeting to discuss your proposed education provision.  A further meeting will be arranged for approximately 2 months later to look at the provision that is in place.  If there are any doubts about the suitability of the arrangements we will try to recommend improvements and arrange to re-visit in a further 2 months.  If a full-time, efficient and suitable provision is in place the visits will then be offered annually.

For more information please call: (01273) 293431, complete an online form or view or download the leaflet Elective Home Education - Guidance notes for parents [477 kb] (pdf)  .

A copy of the Brighton and Hove City Council Elective Home Education Policy can be viewed here.

For information about local home educating groups please contact:  http://bhhe.wordpress.com/

If you are currently home educating and have any comments on our elective home education procedures and policy please send your views to eotas@brighton-hove.gov.uk.  We would be pleased to hear them.

Please note: Brighton & Hove City Council is unable to provide finance for people who educate their children other than at school.

If you require information about education during an illness please visit our home tuition page.