Children missing from education

If you are concerned that a child is missing from education please read the information below and contact us to let us know.

Who is a Child Missing From Education?

All children of compulsory school age (5 - 16 years) who are not on roll at a local school, or being educated at home or at a private school.

Children go missing from education through a number of circumstances. For example a child might

  • not start school in reception year or complete a move between schools
  • be withdrawn from education by their parent or carer
  • have a permanent or unofficial exclusion
  • move between local authorities

Children missing from education are at greater risk of

  • physical harm and exploitation
  • substance abuse
  • anti-social behaviour
  • crime
  • illegal employment

Report a child missing education

If you aware of any children who are not currently attending school or being home educated then please contact us in one of the ways below.

Telephone the Children Missing Education officer on 01273 291310


Complete a referral form.