Social care for 0 to 18 year olds with SEND

Social care is the name for some of the services that can support and protect your child if they have a special educational need and/or a disability (SEND). The support often includes help for both children with SEND and their families.

Some social care services are open to any child or young person with SEND and their family; others are for children with more complex needs and will require an assessment by the social work team in the Children's Disability Service, based at the Seaside View Child Development Centre. 

Other services or organisations that can help

  • Amaze can offer information, advice and support on any issue to do with a child's SEND, including social care. Call their helpline on 01273 772289
  • Cherish - youth club and holiday schemes for young people aged 13-25 with learning disabilities. Call 01273 295171.​
  • Extratime runs inclusive play schemes for children with and without additional needs, and can provide one to one support to children with more complex needs
  • The Family Service Directory contains services in Brighton and Hove that could help you and your child.
  • Safety Net works to improve safety and wellbeing for children, young people and families at home, school and in their communities. They offer anti-bullying and assertiveness training for children and work with families individually and via groups.

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