School funding arrangements

Since April 2013, the new school funding arrangements divided funding for children and young people into three elements. Element 1 and 2 are paid directly to the school by the Local Authority and form part of the school’s notional SEND funding.

Those children with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan or Statement of Special Educational Need (SEN) may also be entitled to receive funding through Element 3:

Element 1

Each school will receive an amount to fund a child’s place at school. This is the same for all children, regardless of need.

Element 2

This is to provide additional 'SEN support'. Each setting, school, academy or college will be expected to provide support up to the equivalent of up to £6000 to meet additional support requirements of children and young people who need this.

Element 3

Element 3 is called ‘top up funding’ or the 'High Needs Block' and is retained by the Local Authority. This funding will be allocated to schools and colleges in respect of individual children and young people through the EHC assessment process. This funding will provide the additional individual support the child or young person requires in addition to Elements 1 and 2 funding so they can achieve their learning outcomes as set out in their EHC plan.