The Phoenix Centre, Hove Park School - how we meet SEND needs

How do you know if my child/young person needs extra help?

Students are allocated a place at the Phoenix Centre via the local authority's SEN Panel. Before starting, all of the young person's information, including a copy of their Statement or EHCP, which details each individual young person's needs, is passed to the Head of the Phoenix Centre so that appropriate provision and support can be put into place. The Phoenix Centre incorporates Hove Park School's comprehensive transition process. Head of Centre will meet with the student and staff at the student's previous school where this is possible; including attendance at Year 6 Annual Reviews to plan transition to secondary school. Additional parent meetings are also arranged so that a full assessment of the young person's individual needs can be made. Throughout the young person's time at Hove Park School, an Annual Review of their Statement or ECHP is carried out, which monitors on-going needs and the support required to ensure continued academic and social skills progress.

How will staff support my child/young person?

The Phoenix Centre team works with teachers to share information about the individual student's needs and support them in differentiating the work in the classroom. Training and support, particularly in the areas of speech, language and communication (SLCN) and autistic spectrum condition (ASC) is provided regularly for the teachers of Phoenix Centre students. Students allocated to the Phoenix Centre receive intensive withdrawal support for their individual needs, e.g. literacy, numeracy, speech and language, social and communication skills, Lego Therapy and Life Skills programmes, for example. The amount of withdrawal support (one-to-one or small group interventions) is decided according to individual needs and is agreed in collaboration with the student, parents/carers and the class teacher. All Phoenix students have a One Page Pupil Profile, which is shared with all their teachers. The profile contains very useful information about the individual and advice and guidelines for the teacher on how best to support them during the lesson.

Withdrawal support is delivered either by the Head of Centre, Teaching Assistants or visiting specialist teachers and staff from various external agencies such as Brighton and Hove Inclusion Support Service (BHISS), which is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who work with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This incudes educational psychologists, specialist teachers, support staff and primary mental health workers covering the four broad areas of need outlined in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. Where appropriate, Phoenix Centre students also benefit from the support of a Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) and/or an Occupational Therapist. Phoenix Centre student progress is monitored and support is adjusted where necessary, to ensure that where possible, every student achieves their target grades in all subjects. All Phoenix Centre students have a high ratio of supported lessons. As a bare minimum, all core subject lessons (English, Maths and Science) have Phoenix Centre Teaching Assistant (TA) Support and a variety of other lessons as appropriate, for each individual young person. As a guide, Phoenix Centre students receive approximately 15 - 20 lessons of TA support each week.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child/young person’s needs?

As part of the transition process into the Phoenix Centre, much of the discussion taking place with parents, the young person’s previous school and the young person themselves, will be to decide on appropriate curriculum provision. This is planned on an individual needs basis. Some students may need a larger proportion of time being taught in the Phoenix Centre, accessing only particular mainstream lessons. Other students will be able to access the entire mainstream curriculum and will need only to be withdrawn for specific intervention work.

When in mainstream lessons, teachers will have a good understanding of Phoenix Centre students’ individual needs and will be planning to meet these through differentiation of the work set, in their classrooms. Work set will therefore be matched to the young person's current ability but, equally, will provide sufficient challenge to ensure academic progress. In addition, Phoenix Centre TAs working within the lesson to support students will be monitoring the lesson content and will alert the class teacher if a student is struggling to access a task. As part of the transition process into Key Stage 4, parents and students will be supported to make the right option choices for their GCSEs by Hove Park teaching staff and the Head of the Phoenix Centre. For some students, the focus may be academic subjects, for others; life skills, functional skills or vocational skills based learning programmes may be more appropriate.

In addition to school based subjects, students can also choose to study a course with an external provider such as City College or Plumpton College. KS4 Phoenix Centre Students will continue to be provided with Teaching Assistant support in their lessons and in some cases, if needed, support will be provided for external programmes of learning. At KS4, Phoenix students also have study support time included in their timetable, which provides them with the opportunity to meet with their keyworker, catch-up with homework and receive support with any outstanding work.

How will both you and I know how my child/young person is doing?

The Head of Centre monitors progress every half term using assessment grades entered by each subject tutor, attendance data and behaviour data. Support is adjusted and interventions are planned accordingly. An action plan is completed by English, Maths and Science teachers for any Phoenix Centre students who are not on target. Parents and carers of Phoenix Centre students are invited to school to meet the member of staff or external specialist delivering interventions to discuss content and progress. The Head of Centre is available at parent/carer evenings but also operates an "open door" policy and all parents and carers are encouraged to telephone, email or request a meeting at any time, should they wish to discuss their child's progress or support. All Phoenix Centre students have a Statement of SEND or an Education, Health and Care Plan (ECHP) which is reviewed annually. The review is held to discuss the progress made towards achieving the objectives set out in the Statement or EHCP, along with wider achievement in school. Annual Reports for each student, detailing progress and achievement over the previous year are sent home to parents and carers.

How will you help me to support my child/young person’s learning?

All Phoenix Centre students have a named key worker who will email parents and carers on a regular basis to keep them up-to-date with a variety of information (homework, achievements, issues or concerns). Parents and carers are invited to attend Parent Group sessions run by external specialists from time to time. The Head of Centre will also put parents and carers in touch with external providers of support for parents of children with SEND, such as: Amaze, mASCot, and the Integrated Team for Families. Parents and carers are invited to a range of parents’ evenings, where advice is provided on how to support their child's learning. These include subject progress evenings, tutor evenings and ICT support evenings (where parents are taught how to support their child with using the iPad for learning). Parents and carers of Phoenix Centre students will also be invited our ‘SEND Drop In’ afternoon and evenings and a coffee morning during the year. This provides the opportunity to meet the Phoenix Centre staff and other parents; to share experiences, success and concerns and to look at the resources used and current good practice guidelines for supporting students, both in school and at home.

What support will there be for my child/young person’s overall wellbeing?

All Phoenix Centre students are allocated to a form group and have a Form Tutor who they see each morning. The Form Tutor and/or the Head of Centre are the first points of contact for parents and carers should they have any concerns about their child's health and wellbeing. Each year group has a Head of Year and an Assistant Head of Year. The team get to know each student in the year group well, as throughout the year they monitor not only an individual's academic achievement but just as importantly, provide pastoral support to ensure overall wellbeing. Hove Park also has its own Education Welfare Officer who manages the Attendance Officers on each site of the school (lower and upper school). They regularly review the attendance of all students and meet with the Heads of Year to discuss issues and strategies for raising attendance levels.

There is also a dedicated team around safeguarding, led by an Assistant Head Teacher, who is the school's designated Child Protection Officer and also has responsibility for Looked After Children. As the Phoenix Centre only has 13 commissioned places and a small dedicated team to support our students, we benefit from being able to know both students and their parents/carers very well. This means that we are able to monitor the health and wellbeing of our students on a daily basis, which is not always possible for students in the wider, mainstream provision.

How will you prepare and support my child/young person with transitions?

For students transferring to Year 7, the Head of Centre works closely with staff at the child's junior school to plan and support the transition process through to attending Hove Park. The Head of Centre attends Annual Review meetings in Yr6 for those identified as being eligible for a place within the Phoenix Centre. Should parents choose the Phoenix Centre provision for their child, a request must be made during the Review and subsequently on appropriate documentation, (junior and primary school will assist with this) to the SEN Panel who will decide whether allocation is appropriate. Once placement is agreed, Phoenix Centre staff visit the junior or primary school in the summer term to spend time getting to know the child. Additional visits to Hove Park for students, as well as attending a full "taster" day in July, are provided. Hove Park provides a Year 6 Parents’ information evening in the summer term and also a meeting for Year 7 parents in the autumn term. Hove Park also runs a summer school for students transferring into Year 7 in September. There are also after school taster sessions available during the summer term.

As we are a split site school, we arrange transition visits for students during Year 9, in preparation for the move to the Nevill Campus in Year 10. For Phoenix Centre students these will be accompanied by our TAs who will spend time with the students ensuring they feel comfortable and familiar in their new surroundings. The Head of Centre will meet with parents of Yr 9 students allocated to the Phoenix Centre early in the Spring term, to support the student in making appropriate option choices in KS4 and, to discuss any individual programmes of learning which need to be put into place. During KS4, students can access careers advice to support their decision making for post-16 education,, receive support with completing college application forms and receive support and guidance for college interviews. Students are also supported with visits and trips to local colleges throughout Y10 and Y11 so that they are able to make informed decisions about their next steps. All Phoenix Centre students will additionally be supported by the Youth Employability Service in Years 10 & 11 to support students further, with their post-16 education and career choices.

How are resources allocated and matched to my child/young person’s special educational needs?

As the Phoenix Centre is a special facility, the local authority commissions 13 places and these are funded from the High Needs Block.  This level of funding enables the Head of Centre to ensure that the high levels of support and external provision needed to meet the objectives on individual Statements of SEND and EHCPs is provided.

How are decisions made about what type and how much support my child/young person will receive?

Decisions for this are made according to the information provided on individual’s Statement of SEND or Education and Health Care Plan. These set out the school's statutory duty of what must be provided and the objectives for the provision. In addition to this, the Head of Centre meets with parents and carers and the student, to discuss the support needed and how best this might be applied. We also seek advice from other professionals working with the young person or family. Withdrawal interventions and allocation of TA support in class is negotiated on an individual needs basis and all interventions are discussed with students and parents/carers on a regular basis. Where possible, the wishes of all parties are taken into consideration and the impact and outcomes of interventions is shared with parents, carers and students.

How are parents involved in the setting?

Each year group has an evening where information is shared that is specific to that year group. This happens in the autumn term. There is also an evening for Year 6 parents in the summer term, where parents and students have the opportunity to meet with the form tutor for Year 7. In addition, Year 6 parents are invited to meet with the Head of Centre in the summer term to discuss their child's individual needs and the support to be put into place during transition; both in the summer and autumn terms. Throughout the course of the year, the Head of Centre operates an "open door" policy and parents and carers are encouraged to telephone, email or make an appointment to meet, to discuss progress or any areas of concern. Parents and carers of Phoenix Centre students are also invited to attend SEND Drop In sessions and a Coffee Morning during the year. These sessions are specifically designed so that parents and carers are able to meet Phoenix Centre staff and other Phoenix Centre parents to share experiences, successes and concerns and to look at the resources used and current good practice guidelines for supporting students, both in school and at home.

From September 2017, a new SEND Parents and Carers Steering Group will be in place. Parents and carers are invited to join this group so that together with the Head of the Phoenix Centre and the wider SEND management team, policy and practice can be reviewed regularly and amended where necessary, with the aim of driving forward improved outcomes for our young people with SEND.


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