Health services for 16 to 25 year olds with SEND

Young people with special educational needs and disabilities will usually begin to get their health care needs met by adult services once they turn 18 or 19, though some services go right up to 25. This will depend upon your specific condition and how much support you need. It's important to look at how your health needs will be met in future (or asking your parent carers to help you with this) and you can do this as part of the transition planning process if you have an Education, Health and Care Plan.

The Local Offer information on Health services for 11-16 year olds will still be relevant for most young people until they are 18.

MyLife is the most comprehensive source of information about adult health services in Brighton and Hove.

The Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Service is a wraparound service that offers both children and young people's services (4 to 25) and adults services.

Find a local doctor (general practitioner) or NHS dentist

Additional support

Young people with a learning disability are entitled to annual health checks with their GP from aged 14 onwards. Read more about annual health checks for young people with a learning disability.

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