Health checks for 14 years old and over with SEND

You can get a health check once a year from your GP practice if you have a learning disability and are aged 14 years or older.

Make sure your GP practice knows that you have a learning disability.   

How to arrange a health check

The GP practice will send a letter or ring you to make an appointment for your health check. You can also ask for an appointment   

If you have any problems arranging your health check ask to speak to the practice manager. They can help you.   

You can fill in a health assessment booklet before you have your health check. It will help you to think about any questions you have.   

You can get a health assessment booklet (PDF 512KB) from the partnership board web site

What happens at the health check

Take your health assessment booklet to the health check appointment. The health check appointment will be longer than your other appointments at the GP practice.    

The doctor or practice nurse will do the health check.  They will ask lots of questions about your health and will do some checks, like take your blood pressure.    

Action plan

The person who does your health check will also write a health action plan with you. You will get a copy of the health action plan to keep.  

Your health action plan should include all your health problems. It should tell you what things need to happen to keep you healthy.   

Make sure you know who will help you with each part of your health action plan.    

Helpful information

Remember that you can have someone with you at your health check if you want.     

Make sure you understand everything that is talked about. Ask for things to be explained again if you aren’t sure.   

You can make notes if you want to. Write down important information to help remember it.   

If your doctor or nurse says you need to go to another health service for more help, make sure you know which service and how to get in touch with them.    

You can find out about other services that can help you to be healthy. Ask at the GP surgery or look in your health assessment booklet for local services.     

What happens after the health check

If you have problems doing the things in your health action plan ask for help. You can ask someone that supports you or go back to your GP practice.    

Make sure you have your health check every year.


If you want to know more, contact Natalie the Health Facilitator at the Community Learning Disability Team on: 01273 295550.  

A new version of the health assessment booklet will be available in spring 2016, contact Natalie for a copy. 


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