Having fun and socialising for 16 to 25 year olds with SEND

When we asked young people what they wanted, they told us that they wanted to have opportunities to socialise and join in with the usual activities enjoyed by their age group.

They also said they needed help to be more independent, like being able to travel on the bus to meet friends.

There are a wide range of activities in Brighton & Hove to help young people with a special educational need or disability get out and enjoy themselves. Taking part encourages involvement in the local community and helps to stay healthy, make friends and feel good about yourself.

Discounts and free entry

Young people with special educational needs or a disability can get a Compass Card which gives them discounts and special offers on a huge range of leisure activities and events.

If you have a Compass Card, your carer can get a Carers’ Card which offers discounts on a range of activities that will help you to look after your own health and wellbeing.

Find fun leisure activities

There are loads of great events and activities for 16-25 year olds with special needs or a disability in Brighton & Hove.

If you want to find a fun activity, the best place to start is Amaze’s free "Fun stuff" leisure guide.

The guide lists more than 130 social groups and activities that are inclusive or specifically for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Check out Amaze's information about finding fun activities for children and young people with a special educational need or a disability.

Other organisations that offer fun activities

Cherish runs Easter and Summer holiday schemes as well as weekly youth club for young people with learning disabilities.

Extratime and Sussex Central YMCA have youth activity programmes in the holidays and an inclusive youth club for young people.

Family Service Directory is a resource you can search to find after school clubs, breakfast clubs, leisure options, activities as well as information and support on a wide range of subjects.

The Youth Service runs a range of inclusive clubs and activities for young people from 13 to 25 at different venues across the city. Visit their Facebook Group.

Have fun, stay healthy

It’s important to stay fit by getting exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. It is also another way to make friends.

My Life Brighton & Hove

The healthy living social and leisure section on the My Life Brighton & Hove website includes local health and social care services, information about being healthy and health conditions, plus some information about national organisations and support groups.

Easy Health

Easy Health is a national website that has a lot of easy to read health information on it. Most of the information on this web site is free to download. Easy Health is a website for people with learning disabilities.

Best of Health event

Best of Health is organised by the Community Learning Disability Team and the Public Health department the council. It is an annual event promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and offering access to a range of activities and advice for people with learning disabilities, their families & carers. There are two main elements to the day - information stands where people can find out about local health and health promotion services, and a range of healthy and fun activities to try out. For more details visit the Best of Health event page.

Sport and physical activity team

Brighton & Hove's Sport and Physical Activity Team can give advice and support on helping you to lead a more active lifestyle. Their projects, which include Active for Life, Health Walks and the TakePart Festival of Sport, are all local, low-cost or free.

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