Community Paediatricians

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What is a Community Paediatrician?

Our community paediatricians are doctors who are specialists in the care and treatment of children and young people. They will have had special training in assessing children who have a wide range of special needs or who have been referred to Seaside View because of concerns about their development.

Their role is to diagnose conditions which may have an impact on a child’s learning or development or cause a disability. They can arrange blood tests, X-rays and scans. They work closely with paediatricians at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital.

After initial assessments and diagnosis, there may be follow up appointments and reviews. These are a chance to give advice on managing your child’s health and treatment and also to prescribe medication, where appropriate.

Who can see a Community Paediatrician?

Community paediatricians work with children and young people (up to 18). The referrals panel will decide if your child needs to be seen by a paediatrician. 

How does the Community Paediatric service work?

Though most of their work takes place in clinics at Seaside View, community paediatricians also have the flexibility to see and assess children at home, school or nursery.

They work as part of a wider team of professionals and join in with meetings about children under their care when they can.

Working with other medical professionals

If your child needs a specialist opinion their community paediatrician will make a referral. These appointments are often arranged at Seaside View. Specialists from London visit Seaside View regularly to join in with clinics there.

The community paediatric service also has trainees and medical students who may see your child in clinic. Their clinical work is closely supervised by a consultant paediatrician.

How to contact Community Paediatrics

Seaside View Child Development Centre
Brighton General Hospital
Elm Grove

Seaside View Centre reception number: (01273) 265780

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