BHISS - Social, Emotional and Mental Health Support Team

The BHISS SEMH team helps schools and other educational settings to support children and young people who are experiencing problems at school due to social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties.

They meet with staff, parent carers and other professionals involved in your child’s care to coordinate approaches that can help.

BHISS SEMH works with schools

BHISS SEMH practitioners offer support, advice and training to staff to help them better understand the needs of children with SEMH and develop approaches to overcome the barriers to their learning. Support from BHISS SEMH can help reduce the need for exclusions.

If your child is referred to the service by their school, an SEMH practitioner will visit and observe them in the classroom or playground. From this, they create an action plan and meet regularly with staff, parent carers, and any other professionals involved to develop and coordinate approaches that may help. The team can also signpost to other agencies, or refer to other specialists within BHISS, if appropriate.

Read more about how BHISS SEMH works with schools [pdf 112mb]

BHISS SEMH works with children and young people and their families

As well as working with school staff, BHISS SEMH practitioners may work directly with children and young people in their school or educational setting. The team also works closely with parents, meeting regularly to discuss your child’s needs and progress. This is both to help the practitioner gain a fuller understanding of your child’s life and any challenges they face, and also so they can support you to improve your wellbeing and resilience through a greater understanding of your child’s needs.

How to access BHISS SEMH support

If you think your child may benefit from support from BHISS SEMH, speak to your child’s class teacher or the school’s Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO). All schools have a SENCO.

All schools and educational settings are able to refer children and young people to the service. 

Contact details

BHISS telephone number: 01273 293481


Senior SEN Specialist Teacher: Mark Holdaway

Assistant Principal Educational Psychologist: Tracey Williams