BHISS - Literacy Support Team

BHISS Literacy Team works with schools to support children and young people with severe literacy problems, including specific learning difficulties (SpLD) like dyslexia.

The team works to reduce the gap in performance between pupils with specific learning difficulties like dyslexia and other pupils. They also support schools to meet their legal obligations to children with SEND.

BHISS Literacy works with schools

SpLD dyslexia support

​BHISS Literacy offers a range of services to schools to enable them to support their pupils with SpLD dyslexia. This includes specialised assessment and teaching, as well as training staff, and reporting on the progress of pupils with dyslexia.

Other support

BHISS Literacy may also offer help with:

  • Supporting schools with Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans/Statements
    The team provides direct interventions to pupils with EHC plans or statements for literacy difficulties, and can provide advice and support with SEND tribunals if needed.

  • Access arrangements for examinations
    If a child is entitled to Access Arrangements for examinations, for example extra time or permission to use a computer instead of writing by hand, the BHISS Literacy team can help arrange this.

  • Training
    The team offers training opportunities for school staff, in particular training on dyslexia-friendly teaching and support strategies, including computer and technology-based solutions

  • Specialist teaching resources
    BHISS Literacy provides specialist teaching resources for schools and individual pupils, for example dyslexia toolkits, and offers advice to Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs). All schools have a SENCO.

  • Specialist ICT advice and training
    The team can offer specialist advice and training for SEND hardware and software.

  • Support to meet legal obligations
    BHISS Literacy supports schools to meet legal obligations to pupils with SEND, for example helping them to comply with the requirements of the Equality Act, and meet SEND statutory requirements

Read more about how BHISS Literacy works with schools [PDF 91KB].

BHISS Literacy works with children and young people and their families

BHISS Literacy works to create positive links between school and home, offering support to parent carers and keeping in regular contact. They offer training on dyslexia-friendly strategies, including computer and technology-based options, and run parent evenings and workshops across the city. 

How to access BHISS Literacy support

If you think your child might need an assessment for dyslexia or specialist support with literacy problems, you can speak to your child’s class teacher or the school’s SENCO.

Please note, as this is a "traded" service, schools buy in BHISS Literacy support from their own budgets. As such, not every school may choose to use this service. 

Contact details

BHISS telephone number: 01273 293481


Senior SEN Specialist Teacher / Lead Professional : Matthew Johnson