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Tarner Children's Centre
Ivory Place

Telephone: 01273 296700

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The Sure Start Children's Centre team, based at Tarner CC, is made up of Health Visitors, Early Years Educators, Community Nursery Nurses, Volunteer Skills Development Coordinators and Group Support Workers. The team works with families, individuals and groups, in the home and in the centres.

Group activities

Group activities are held in the children's centres - some of these are drop-in sessions and others are by appointment or referral.

For more information download Tarner CC Activity Diary from January 2020 (PDF 314KB). Please contact the Children's Centre if you'd like a paper copy.

Healthy Child Clinics

Health visitors hold drop-in Healthy Child Clinics for children under 5.

From Wednesday 8th January 2020 the Healthy Child Clinic will be held  on Wednesday between 10-11:30am


The Children's Centre works in partnership with Tarnerland Nursery which is based close to the centre in St. Johns Place, Brighton, BN2 0GR, tel: 01273 294199. They offer full day care for children aged 0 to 5.

Volunteers, training and centre news

The centre has an Advisory Group that supports and guides the services offered. Local parents are involved in these meetings; please contact the Children's Centre Manager or Volunteer and Skills Development Coordinator for details.

Volunteer opportunities are available. Please contact the Children's Centre Manager or Volunteer and Skills Development Coordinator at Tarner CC.

Ofsted reports

Tarner Children's Centre was rated 'outstanding' by Ofsted in March 2011. Tarner Children's Centre Ofsted report is available from the Ofsted website.