Seaside View teenager using mobile phoneThe gradual shift to adulthood can be a difficult time for young people and their parent carers. Both children's and adult services work closely together to try and make the transition go as smoothly as possible. ​Young people with special educational or more complex needs may need ongoing support. 

When we talk about transition in this context we are talking about the preparation of young people for adult life. 

Transition support for young people with complex, ongoing needs

It is worth noting that the national government agenda in 2013 is asking local authorities to take responsibility to support a young person who has special educational and complex needs up until they are 25 years old. In Brighton & Hove we are looking at this issue closely as part of our consideration of the new legislation that is on its way. Transition planning for children and young people with complex needs will be overseen by the Integrated Child Development and Disability Service, working closely with the joint children and adults Transition Team. We will update these web pages with any new information or changes to our service.

Getting additional information and support around transition

Information, advice and support from Amaze

We recognise the importance of information and support at this crucial time. We fund a local charity, Amaze, to provide a range of services, information, advice and support to parents. Amaze has a dedicated transition worker who facilitates training, provides information and advice and runs parent groups.  You can find out more on the Amaze website.

Information, advice and support from our Social Care team

We also ensure that all workers in the Integrated Child Development and Disability Service social work team have a good understanding of transition issues. If you have a social worker they will be able to give you a good overview of the process and answer any specific questions you have.