Seaside View keyworkers with childWhat is a keyworker?

Keyworkers help coordinate services and support for families whose children have more complex needs and who use four or more different services. They are there to provide families with information and emotional support, to help co-ordinate the services they use and to improve lines of communication between families and professionals

Your keyworker might come from the small team of designated keyworkers in Brighton & Hove or could be someone who works in another role. For example a health visitor, therapist, nursery nurse or social worker may also act as the keyworker for your family.

Read more about the keyworker service in our Keyworker leaflet (PDF 287kb)

For an introduction to the team, outline of service and the benefits, you can also see our Keyworker Service Report (PDF 450kb)

Who can have a keyworker?

Keyworkers are not for every family. The service is only available to families whose child has four or more specialist agencies involved in providing services or ongoing therapies. Your child must be aged 0 to 18 and resident in Brighton & Hove. They will have an ongoing disability or a life-limiting/threatening condition.

How can I get referred to the keyworker service?

If you meet the criteria described above, you can either refer yourself to the scheme or ask a professional involved with your family to refer you. This referral will then be considered by a panel to see if the scheme can meet your needs. To make a referral to the service, please use the keyworker service referral form (MS Word 132kb).

Contact the keyworking scheme:

Seaside View Child Development and Disability Centre
Brighton General Hospital
Elm Grove
Brighton BN2 3EW
Tel: 01273 265825
Fax: 01273 265824