Hundreds of parents in Brighton & Hove have completed the Positive Parenting Programme. You can read what they thought about the courses below.

Parents in Brighton & Hove also took part in a film made by the Centre for Mental Health about what it's like to participate in a parenting course. This video was made by parents for parents to answer some common questions that you might have. Find out what you can expect from taking part in a parenting course.

Our ‘Customer satisfaction questionnaire’ shows that:

  • 67% of parents found the course helped them deal more effectively with their child’s behaviour ‘a great deal’; 34% found it helped ‘to some extent’
  • 71% parents said they were ‘very satisfied’ with the course; 20 % said they were ‘satisfied’

 Here's what some of the parents who took part in Triple P courses thought:

  • 'A fantastic course. A lot of problems we've been having have been solved by the course'
  • 'I found this course so rewarding, I was very sceptical at first but I would definitely recommend this course to other parents!! Thank you so much!! We are a much happier family now!'
  • 'An excellent course that has made a big positive difference to my relationship with my kids'
  • 'The opportunity just to think about your 'parenting' is invaluable. To have material to work with just gives it form. Brilliant! Great to know we are in this together as parents.'
  • 'I found the course most helpful to learn new strategies of dealing with my children's behaviour. It's good to already see some changes at home.'
  • 'I think this is a brilliant and very helpful course, an amazing facility to have and it's free!'
  • 'I would recommend and have been recommending Triple P to every parent I come into contact with!'
  • 'I'm very grateful to have been offered a place on this course. It has been life changing for me and my children in how our family work together. It's so nice to know that there is help out there if you need it. I would highly recommend this course.'

Watch our video excepts following two families managing the challenging behaviour of their children through Triple P techniques – Driving Mum and Dad Mad.

Find out about Triple P talks and courses and see how it can help your family.