PACE (Providing Access to Childcare and Employment) is a European funded project, helping parents back into work, training and volunteering. PACE also offers support with your childcare needs throughout your journey.

PACE is for parents who are getting a funded childcare place for their two year old. While your child is having fun and learning through play, you can have some time to work towards your own goals.


Find out more about free childcare for two year olds. If you are in work when your child is three, you could be entitled to 30 hours free childcare!

Learn more about the PACE project (PDF 262 KB)

Celebrating PACE!

We started working with PACE parents in September 2017, and we have been delighted with the achievements of our parents and staff in the last 2 years.

We have had fantastic support from our partner organisations and childcare settings who have been referring parents to the project, promoting what we do and supporting parents.

As of 2020 we have achieved the following:

  • 161 parents have signed up to the project
  • 87% of parents who apply to be on PACE engage with the project
  • 145 parents have attended one to one PDP’s with their PACE Keyworker to discuss their goals
  • 121 parents have had advice on childcare options and funding including occasional additional sessions for training and appointments
  • 97 parents have attended employability training, and 85 have attended confidence building training
  • 43 PACE training courses were delivered, all of which offered a free on site crèche
  • 52 parents have had a benefits calculation looking at their financial position if they entered paid to work – all were better off
  • 61 parents have started volunteering to build confidence and skills
  • 59 parents have started paid employment that is sustainable for their family circumstances

ts to focus on long term solutions to ensure a better life for the parent and their family.

Hear what PACE parents have to say about their journey...

"My PACE keyworker is really good. I don't know what I would have done without her." 

"I follow language courses and have a nursery place, which gave me the opportunity to study." 

"I feel that I am more than just a mum. We are actually people." 

We recently held a focus group with 9 PACE parents, learn what they had to say (PDF 305 KB).

Find out more and request an application form

You can learn more about the PACE Interreg project including a film about how all the project partners worked, final reports, a handbook and much more. 

Email or phone 01273 293545 to speak to an adviser. You can also find out more about PACE at your local children's centre.

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