Buy With Confidence

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Rip offs, scams, cowboy tradespeople - consumers are right to be wary when buying goods or services. Where can you find a trader you can trust?

Thanks to an initiative by Brighton & Hove City Council's Trading Standards Service, the answer is to 'Buy With Confidence'.

The Buy With Confidence Trader Approval Scheme promotes and supports the good reliable tradespeople and retailers of Brighton & Hove. In return increasing consumer protection by providing an approved trader list.

Member companies have been independently checked by staff from the council's Trading Standards Service for compliance with the letter and the spirit of the law. A business can only display the partnership logo if it passes stringent checks and signs up to the 'Commitment by Business.'

Limitations of the scheme

The approval of a business does not mean that Trading Standards and/or Brighton & Hove City Council:

  • can guarantee the financial stability of the business
  • has individually checked the quality of any works, goods or services provided
  • gives any guarantee or warranty as to the value for money of works, goods or services compared with a competitor, nor that they will be satisfactory or fit for the purpose

Consumers must therefore rely on their own assessment of suitability when choosing a supplier or service provider.

You can give us your views on how member businesses are performing. If you have had good service from a company not in our scheme, you can recommend them for membership.

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For the Buy With Confidence scheme application form and terms and conditions, please see beneath: