End unpaid trial shifts in Brighton & Hove

We’re supporting a local campaign to end the practice of unpaid trial shifts in the city.

Say No to Unpaid Trial Shifts is a grassroots collective started by students in Brighton & Hove. The campaign group say using unpaid trial shifts during the job application process is unacceptable — a view that councillors endorsed unanimously in a notice of motion last year.

An unpaid trial shift is where an employer fails to pay for work which either makes money from a prospective employee or saves money for the employer. The government issued new guidance as to what constitutes an unpaid trail shift in December 2018.

Our consultation

We ran a consultation from 1 August to 8 December to understand the scale and nature of this issue in our city. We engaged with businesses, employees and workers.

We have opened the consultations again until 8th March.

You can view the consultations and give us your views on:

Helping businesses end unpaid trial shifts

The Say No to Unpaid Trial Shifts campaign group have created a handy guide to help businesses end unpaid trial shifts.

Report an unpaid trial shift

You can report unpaid trial shifts to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) who can investigate claims.

The Say No to Unpaid Trial Shifts campaign group have simplified this process by providing an easy-to-use complaint letter-generator that you can send directly to HMRC.

ACAS also provides free, confidential help and advice for workers.