Brighton & Hove Economic Strategy 2018 to 2023

Brighton & Hove City Council in collaboration with Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership are in the process of developing a new economic strategy for the City of Brighton & Hove within the context of the city region. It is not our intention to replicate the existing strategies of other districts and boroughs, but rather to have a light touch approach which identifies amongst other things, key linkages, supply chains and barriers to success.

The strategy is owned by city and city region stakeholders and includes a key commission on behalf of the Greater Brighton Economic Partnership for an Inward Investment & Trade Strategy for the city region.

Consulting key stakeholders

Regeneris, the consultants appointed to develop the strategy, carried out an extensive consultation period consisting of two major consultation events and many face-to-face interviews with key stakeholders during Autumn and Winter 2017.

  • The first consultation event took place on 31 October 2017 
  • The second consultation event took place on 11 January 2018 

Download the summary of the consultation events (PDF) 

What will be in the strategy

The strategy will comprise the following documents:

  • An introductory robust evidence report that illustrates the current economic position of the City within the context of the Greater Brighton Economy – Download evidence base executive summary (PDF)
  • A five year Economic Strategy for the period 2018 to 2023
  • A five-year Action and Implementation plan of transformative projects and investment initiatives to enhance the economy of Brighton & Hove (and wider economic impact beyond)
  • An Inward Investment & Trade Strategy for the Greater Brighton City Region

Download the Brighton & Hove strategy socio-economic evidence base (PDF)

The strategy will be finalised later in the year. For further information contact