Acupuncture, Electrolysis, Tattooing, Cosmetic Piercing and Semi-permanent Skin-colouring

If you want to carry out any of the above services in Brighton & Hove you and your premises need to be registered.  Brighton & Hove City Council has adopted new byelaws for the purpose of securing:

  • the cleanliness of the premises registered including its fittings
  • the cleanliness of the person registered
  • the cleaning and where appropriate the sterilisation of instruments, materials and equipment to prevent the transmission of disease

The new byelaws came into effect on 1 July 2005 and they cover acupuncture, body piercing, cosmetic piercing, ear-piercing, electrolysis, semi-permanent skin-colouring, skin piercing and tattooing. Government guidance exists regarding these changes (PDF 147KB)


  • Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982

Return your application form(s) to:

Health & Safety and Licensing
2nd Floor Bartholomew House
Bartholomew Square

If you have any queries contact:


tel: 01273 294429