Safe preparation and cooking of doner kebabs

Doner kebabs are classed as high risk foods, therefore they must be handled and cooked properly to prevent bacteria growing in the kebab and causing food poisoning.

The following points are guidelines for the safe preparation and cooking of doner kebabs.

  • use only fresh minced meat in the preparation of doner kebabs
    • keep raw meat refrigerated at 8ºC or below until required
      • before making the kebab ensure that work surfaces, utensils, your hands and forearms are thoroughly cleaned and all jewellery is removed.
        • when the kebab has been mixed and formed return to the refrigerator or freeze until required for cooking, ensuring that the raw kebab does not come into contact with or contaminate cooked foods or salads. If a separate refrigerator is not available the raw kebab should be stored in the bottom of the refrigerator and covered with a suitable material such as aluminium foil
          • following preparation make sure hands are thoroughly cleaned and work surfaces and utensils are cleaned and disinfected before coming into contact with any other food
            • after placing the doner kebab on the vertical grill begin cooking immediately. Continue cooking, removing thin slices of meat from the doner kebab when thoroughly cooked, until all the meat has been served or until you close
            • never turn off the grill while cooking
              • all equipment including the knife must be regularly cleaned and disinfected and hands should be regularly cleaned while you are working.
                • if a bain marie is used to store meat during busy periods it must be capable of keeping the cooked meat at a temperature above 63ºC
                  • avoid touching the meat with your hands once it has been cooked. Use clean metal or plastic tongs to fill pitta breads with cooked meat and salad. If prepared in advance salads should be kept refrigerated until needed
                    • any sliced meat or meat left on the doner kebab when you close must be thrown away. This meat should not be cooked or reheated again. To avoid waste the doner kebabs should be kept as small as possible
                      • to ensure the kebab is properly cooked the grill must be regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions

                      If you require any further advice, please contact (01273) 292161, or email us.