Safe handling & preparation of rice

Rice is regarded as a high risk food because it can support the growth of bacteria that cause food poisoning. Due to this you must make sure that you follow these steps to serve safe rice:

  • personal hygiene
    • always wash hands after using the lavatory
  • preparation & cooking
    • wash rice thoroughly, and use only clean equipment
    • never use the same containers for raw and cooked rice
    • if possible, cool small quantities and serve fresh
  • storage
    • never store rice at room temperature. Cool quickly and place in the fridge.
    • if kept cold, the temperature must be below 8°C.
    • if kept hot, the temperature must be above 63°C
    • if you are reheating rice from cold, you must ensure the rice is at least 75°C. Use a thermometer.

Further information is available in the Food Standards Agency Guidance on their Loving your leftovers webpage.

You may also find the following leaflet helpful:

A copy can be sent upon request by calling 01273 292161 or by email to