Food hygiene information in other languages

Easy to follow food hygiene guides in Bengali, Chinese and Turkish

Thanks to the City of York Council we can provide easy to follow food hygiene in Bengali, Chinese and Turkish languages.

The information is given in the form of pictures showing the "right" and "wrong" way to do things. You can download the information free by following the links below.'

These photobooks are based on the Food Standards agency "Four Cs" campaign;

  1. Cooking
  2. Cooling
  3. Cross contamination
  4. Cleaning

Asian food hygiene photobook

Bengali Book [PDF 1.32mb]

Asian-English Book [PDF 1.27mb]

Chinese food hygiene photobook

Traditional Chinese Book [PDF 1.15mb]

Chinese-English Book [PDF 1.22mb]

Turkish food hygiene photobook

Turkish Book [PDF 1.02mb]

Turkish-English Book [PDF 1.29]

Cantonese version of safer food better business for caterers

SFBB traditional chinese characters [PDF 297kb]

SFBB simple chinese [PDF 273kb]

World Health Organisation - Five ways to safer food

The World Health Organisation (WHO) also has a simple leaflet on the Five Keys to Safer Food which is available in over 60 languages from their website.

Translated Thai documents

Download documents which have been translated into the Thai language:

Food Hygiene - A Guide for Business [PDF 951kb]

Food Law Inspections and Your Business [PDF 202kb]

Starting Up - Your Guide to Starting a Catering Business [PDF1.02mb]

HACCP - Hazard Analysis System [PDF190kb]

Food Standards Agency food allergen booklet

Polish [PDF 3MB]

Simplified Chinese [PDF 1MB]

Traditional Chinese [PDF 2MB]

Urdu [PDF 3MB]

Hindi [PDF 3MB]

Punjabi [PDF 3MB]

Thai [PDF 2 MB]

Turkish [PDF 2MB]