Food alerts, withdrawals and recalls

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) issues information to let local authorities and consumers know about problems associated with food.

Where necessary, withdrawal or recall notices are issued where a solution to the problem has been put in place – for example, the product has been, or is being, withdrawn from sale or recalled from consumers. A Food Alert for Action is issued where intervention by enforcement authorities is required. These notices and alerts are often issued in conjunction with a product withdrawal or recall by a manufacturer, retailer or distributor.

Details of the latest product withdrawals and recalls, including Food Alerts for Action, can be found on the FSA Food Alerts, Product Withdrawals and Recalls page. In many cases, the food issues referred to will have been resolved.

Allergy alerts

Details of the latest Allergy Alerts can be found on the FSA Allergy Alerts News page.

For extra guidance about allergies, an online tool designed to dispel myths is available on the NHS Choices website. The Food Allergy and Intolerance Mythbuster tool, developed in conjunction with FSA allergy experts, looks at common misconceptions about food allergies and sorts facts from fiction.

Receive alerts

Visit FSA Updates and Alerts Subscription page to subscribe to receive the alerts to your email or mobile phone.