Disposal of used cooking oil

The Animal By Product Regulations 2003 specified that used cooking oil from catering premises can no longer be used as an ingredient in animal feed.

It is hoped that the majority of catering establishments will continue to have used cooking oil collected by a licensed contractor, but the collector will then supply the cooking oil for use in bio-diesel production or for burning as fuel, instead of for use in animal feed.  This alternative method should still be cost-effective for the businesses producing used cooking oil.

The Environment Agency advises that waste cooking oil should be collected and sent for disposal/recovery separately from other commercial waste.  Incorporating contained or free waste cooking oil into normal trade waste collection is likely to cause spillage and pollution resulting in a potential Duty of Care offence.  Used cooking oil must not be disposed of via the drainage system as it can lead to blockages.

All used cooking oil should be stored in a covered leak-proof container, and be accompanied by the appropriate Duty of Care documentation when transported. For further information on business waste please see the council's Business and charity recycling and refuse collections page.

If you require further advice on the safe disposal of used cooking oil, or a list of licensed contractors, please contact the Food Safety Team on (01273) 292161 or e-mail ehl.food@brighton-hove.gov.uk