Business rates - Appeals and disputes

Appeals against business rates liability

You can make an appeal if you think that you are not responsible for paying. This could be because someone else is, or because your property is exempt.  You can also appeal if you think there is a mistake on your bill. 

If you want to appeal, write to Brighton & Hove City Council, Business Rates, PO Box 2929, Brighton, BN1 1PS, saying why you disagree with what you are being charged.

Please note - making an appeal does not allow you to withhold payment of your instalments. You should continue to pay as normal until your appeal is resolved.

Appealing against Rateable Values (RVs) on business properties

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) sets the RVs for business properties.  There is normally a revaluation every five years.  From April 1st 2010, the rateable value of a property represents its annual open market rental value as at April 2008.  The next revaluation was due in 2015 but the government has delayed it until 2017.   

You can inspect the 2010 list of all rated properties online or at the office of the Valuation Officer, St Anne's House, 2 St Anne's Road, Eastbourne, BN21 3LG.  Telephone: 03000 501501.  Fax: 03000 500099.

Private rating agents

Be careful before entering into a contract with a rating advisor as they cannot guarantee reductions in rateable values.

Even if they are successful, this may not reduce the amount you have to pay.

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