Business rates

Your 2017/18 Business Rates bill 

Business Rates bills were printed before the Government announced changes to Business Rates on 8 March.

Amended bills have now been sent to all businesses entitled to Pub Relief and/or Supporting Small Business Relief. 

If you think these changes have affected your business, but have not received an amended bill, please contact the Business Rates team  to discuss whether you are entitled to any of the new reliefs. In the meantime, please make payments as requested on your existing bill.

Business Rate bills for 2017/18 were sent out on 13 March 2017.

About changes to Business Rates

Business Rates are set by national Government.

Our Business Rates bills were printed before the Government announced changes to Business Rates on 8 March.

New support available for your business:

  • No business losing small business rate relief will see their bill increase by more than £600 in 2017/2018. The following year 2018/2019 their bill will not increase by more than £1,200 and in 2019/2010  their bill will not increase by more than £1,800 and so on. The scheme will last for 5 years. The discount will end when your bill reaches the amount you would have paid without the scheme. The relief will also end if the property falls vacant.
  • Pubs with rateable value of less than £100,000 will get a £1,000 discount.
  • A new discretionary fund to allow councils to support local businesses affected by the re-valuation. Our share of the funding for 2017/18 is £1,123,000. We invited businesses to take part in our consultation process. The last day of the consultation period was 18 September 2017. The results from this consultation will be announced soon.

Small Business Rate Relief 

Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR) thresholds increased from 1 April 2017 to benefit a greater number of businesses.

You’re a small business but don’t qualify for small business rate relief.

  • If your property is occupied and has a rateable value below £51,000, your bill will be calculated using the small business multiplier, which is lower than the standard one. This is the case even if you don’t get small business rate relief.

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